You Find the Dead Body From Now On



In vivid detail. If I am too embarrassed you win.


Put an “UNF” in my ask and I’ll answer these.

If you snuck in my room I would:

  • [] Go back to sleep
  • [] Kick you out
  • [] Cuddle with you
  • [] Be like wtf?
  • [] Let you sleepover
  • [] Beat your ass
  • [] Sexy time
If you kissed me I would:
  • [] Kiss you back
  • [] Smile & laugh
  • [] Be shocked
  • [] Slap you
You are:
  • [] Cute
  • [] Adorable
  • [] Pretty
  • [] Beautiful
  • [] Okay
  • [] Sexy
  • [] Hotass Motherfucker
  • [] Ew
I Would:
  • [] Smash
  • [] Pass
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"Don't push me away, you need me."



"Stiles I don’t want you getting hurt…" Lydia said standing there. Bad things happen to people around me. I don’t want it to happen to you."

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paigexoxlucas ;  
"( ø∑ø)"



Lydia’s eyes opened. She sat up yawning and stretched her arms looking over at the girl beside her. She smirked and kissed cheek before whispering. “You were really good.” Lydia got out of bed and got redressed before walking out the room and the house.

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stydia au: Stiles is afraid Lydia will regret the night they shared together.

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Send “Don’t push me away, you need me.” for my character’s response.

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Send me a “( ø∑ø)” for our muses to wake up next to each other in the early morning after a One Night Stand together.


Lydia listened to him. She sighed and shrugged. “I don’t know but I guess we’ll figure it out someday.” She sadly smiled. “I have to go. It’s getting late and I need sleep. See you next time.” She hung up and set the phone down. Lydia went to bed.

He was sad to see her go but he hung up after her saying their goodbyes. He got the tickets over text and the money was being transferred, he was so glad for technology. He was ready, his plane leaves two days from now on monday

The next two days Lydia sat in her bedroom doing nothing but sleeping and eating. The only she ever came out was to eat or drink. She sighed and was watching tv when she heard a knock and paused it. “Come in” she answered. He mother slowly walked in.

wolves and girls. both have sharp teeth.

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