You Find the Dead Body From Now On

Stydia AU:

After A lacrosse game Lydia and Stiles decide to go for a walk. Stiles had got an anonymous text saying to go to the woods. Lydia making sure everything was going to be alright went into the woods with him. They made there way into the woods and just waited at a spot. That was the last thing they remembered before they blacked out. Stiles and Lydia woke up in a pile of leaves. Thinking they fell asleep they decided to go home and just get ready for school in the morning. After they arrived home they noticed a bite similars to Scott and that’s when it came to them. They were bitten by a werewolf. After finding out they told Scott and their friends. With the help of Scott they soon had figured how to control themselves under a full moon and try to forget about everything from that horrid night. But still wondered who had bit them that night.